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Mr. Jones owned and operated furniture factories in both Adams and York Counties. He created the M. C. Jones Foundation, a private entity devoted to benefitting the local community. After his son, Philip M. Jones, a trustee of the M. C. Jones Foundation, had retired from business life, he offered the corpus of the M. C. Jones Foundation to Adams County Foundation. To give to this fund or to find out more about the many different funds available, click here.

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Community Focus - Adams County Community Foundation from Community Media on Vimeo.

Adams County Community Foundation from Community Media on Vimeo.

The Adams County Community Foundation was established in October of 2007 as a Pennsylvania corporation to succeed the Adams County Foundation which for 22 years had operated as a trust-based community foundation. The Foundation is a public charity that the IRS has determined to be a 501(c)(3) organization.

The purpose of this foundation is to ďinspire people and communities to build and distribute charitable funds for Good, for Adams County, for Ever.Ē After one year of operation, the foundation has acquired nine funds established by individual people or families, members of the Foundationís Board of Directors, groups of business people, a local charity and by a visionary patriot from the 1700ís. The Foundationís assets are managed by a professional investment company hired by the Board of Directors and overseen by the Foundationís Investment & Finance Committee. From these funds, distribution of grants is made to qualified, local charities who demonstrate that they are meeting community needs. With a 16 member Board of Directors, Adams County Community Foundation serves as a good steward of the monies of our donors and demonstrates accountability, transparency, confidentiality, compassion, inclusiveness and excellence in its work.

Historically, and across the United States, community foundations offer their citizens an opportunity to become philanthropists, investing in causes they care about with certain assurances. They are assured that the fund will be permanent and will forever meet the needs that are relevant to the donorís interests and the communitiesí needs. They are assured that the Foundation will be good stewards of the funds, selecting and maintaining good fund managers at reasonable cost with performance bench marks in place. Because it is the Foundationís responsibility to know the community, donors are also assured that only qualified charities will receive grants and that the grants they receive will be used for the good purposes for which they were intended. Finally, donors are assured that their name or the name of a loved one will live on through their fund.

Adams County Community Foundation is the successor to Adams County Foundation, an organization founded in 1985 when a group of members led by Jack Phillips inspired their Rotary Club of Gettysburg to action. Adams County Foundation operated for 22 years. During that time the Foundation acquired six (6) Funds totaling $500,000 and distributed $120,000 to Adams County charities.

Adams County Community Foundation is committed to transparency in our operations. In keeping with this commitment, the Foundation provides its 2012 filing of the 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax, a public document submitted to the US Department of Treasury, IRS, each year as a record of our charitable business.

2015 Board of Directors

Ronald E. Bailey Orrtanna, PA Independent Insurance Bruce Bigelow Gettysburg, PA Consulting Darlene Brown Gettysburg, PA Non-Profit Executive Loni Buck Gettysburg, PA Transportation Industry J. Mark Cropp Gettysburg, PA Consulting Matt Crowner Gettysburg, PA Information Technology Kenneth Farabaugh Fairfield, PA Insurance John Fofanah Gettysburg, PA Environmental/Safety Management Cynthia Ford Gettysburg, PA Media/Communications Terrence Gingrow Hanover, PA Banking, Retired Stacey Green Gettysburg, PA Hospitality Dr. Frederick Guinn Hanover, PA Education, Retired Charles Hockley Gettysburg, PA Insurance Dr. Walton Jones Gettysburg, PA Education, Retired James Kampstra Fayetteville, PA Investment Management Sharon Magraw Gettysburg, PA Manufacturing/Private Foundation Judi McGee Gettysburg, PA Banking Larry Musselman Gettysburg, PA Accounting Alan Kim Patrono Gettysburg, PA Law Alice Paxson Gettysburg, PA Hospitality John S. Phillips Gettysburg, PA Law Gianna Sullivan Fairfield, PA Healthcare Col(Ret)Duane Williams Fairfield, PA Owner/Consultant

Barbara B. Ernico, President

Jack W. Phillips, Director Emeritus



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