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Save the Date! The 2017 Giving Spree date has been set - Thursday, November 9th from 4-6:30.

IRA Charitable Rollover is permanent. Learn more...

May 1, 2014 - When you shop, AmazonSmile gives. For every purchase you make on AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the qualifying purchase price to Adams County Community Foundation, Inc. Search and purchase hundreds of the same products and same prices you love on Amazon, while supporting our charitable organization. Start shopping to donate.

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Please visit the new Adams County Dollars for Scholars website! A user-friendly way to help students in the community access more local and nation-wide scholarships.


The Martin family siblings created a fund for the Fairfield Area School District to memorialize their deceased father, J. W. (“Prof”) Martin. Mr. Martin was a noted and respected teacher in the Fairfield School System. The earnings of this Fund are awarded to a senior at Fairfield High School who is the most outstanding student in the field of mathematics. To give to this fund or to find out more about the many different funds available, click here.

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Interested in Giving?

The Adams County Community Foundation has a variety of ways to assist people who want to support this community forever through a charitable gift. Gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, personal property, life insurance and retirement plans may be donated to the Foundation. Most charitable gifts qualify for maximum tax advantage under federal law to the donor.

NEW!Annual Giving Spree showcases the good works of many of the non-profit organizations that serve Adams County. Make your end of the year donations and honor your loved ones with a gift. Download our
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that you can give your loved ones this Holiday Season. Click here to download.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transmission) - By request of our donors, you now have the convenience of contributing to Adams County Community Foundation with great ease and convenience. The Foundation is able to automatically debit your bank account and deposit your gift to the Foundation. Simply download the form provided, complete it and mail it to ACCF, P. O. Box 4565, Gettysburg, PA 17325. It is safe, it is secure, it is “for Good, for Adams County, for Ever.”

GIFTS OF CASH - Giving cash is the simplest way to begin a fund, add to an existing fund, or make a gift of any size to support the Foundation’s operations and grant making.

SECURITIES - Gifts of appreciated securities to qualified charities enable donors to avoid capital gains, and such gifts can be deducted at full market value, up to 30% of your adjusted gross income, with the ability to carry forward amounts exceeding your allowance for up to five years. Information about the process for transferring gifts of stock is available from the Community Foundation.

MUTUAL FUNDS - The Foundation accepts gift of mutual funds, and is pleased to provide donors with instructions for making such gifts.

REAL ESTATE - Gifts of real estate held by the donor for more than one year can be used to establish a charitable fund at the Foundation. Prospective gifts of real estate will be carefully reviewed by the Foundation prior to acceptance. Gifting real estate to a charity such as the Foundation may offer tax advantages to the donor.

PERSONAL PROPERTY - As with gifts of real estate, gifts of personal property—such as antiques, art, collections—will be reviewed by the Foundation prior to acceptance, in order to assure that a fair valuation may be obtained and that the gift may be easily and readily sold. Gifting valuable collections to a charity such as the Foundation may offer tax advantages to the donor.

LIFE INSURANCE - When life insurance is no longer needed for wealth replacement, it can be a tax advantageous way to provide a significant charitable gift. You may give the Foundation a paid-up policy or one on which you are continuing to pay. You may receive a number of tax benefits from making such a gift, including reduced estate and income taxes.

IRAs AND RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS - When not needed for income purposes, IRAs, and retirement accounts such as 401(k) and 403(b) plans can be donated to the Foundation for a tax advantage to the donor.

BEQUESTS - In order to include the Foundation in your Last Will & Testament as a charitable bequest, your legal counsel may use language similar to this:
I give, devise and bequeath the following: ______________ (Description of assets that are the subject of the bequest; for example, a stated sum or the residue of the estate, or a percentage of the reside of the estate) to ADAMS COUNTY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, a non-profit corporation within the State of Pennsylvania. This gift shall be known as the ______________ (Name chosen by you.) Fund. If you desire that the bequest be applied to an area of charitable interest or to specific organizations, add: This fund shall be devoted to the support of: ______________.

REMAINDER OF A CHARITABLE TRUST - Individuals may create a charitable trust for their estate which upon death, this charitable trust may be distributed to or incorporated by the Foundation to support the donor’s charitable wishes.

Donors are advised to consult Foundation staff as well as their own professional advisors for more detailed information about diverse options for giving.

For more information e-mail Barbara Ernico or call 717-337-0060.