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In July, during "The Big Give" the Adams County Community Foundation awarded grants through its annual competitive grants program to 33 organizations totaling $127,913.

The next deadline for the Robert C. Hoffman Charitable Endowment Trust grant applications will be January 15, 2018.

Please visit the new Adams County Dollars for Scholars website A user-friendly way to help students access more local and nationwide scholarships.


In 2008, led by Nathan Hockley, a group of Adams County businesses decided to donate the proceeds of their annual fundraiser to build a fund that would support projects for youth and families in Adams County. To give to this fund or to find out more about the many different funds available, click here.

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After many years of stop gap approval of the IRA rollover, Congress has voted to make the IRA Charitable Rollover permanent! Even better news—the President has signed the Bill and made it law. This is effective today for 2015 gifts you may want to make at year end. The IRA Rollover Gift is a means by which donors can support charitable causes. If you have an IRA and wish to make a withdrawal from it to make a charitable gift, you can now withdraw the money from your IRA and with certainty make a charitable gift without reporting the withdrawal as taxable income. These charitable gifts also can be made from your required withdrawal, also known as the RMD (Required Minimum Distribution). This can lower your annual income and taxes.
Why might you want to make a charitable gift from your IRA?

  • You might not want to make the gift from your income for daily living expenses.
  • You might not want to make a gift from your savings account.
  • You may be required to take a draw from your IRA because you have reach 70 ˝ years of age and you don’t need this income to live.v
  • You want to make a charitable gift to reduce your income and pay less in taxes.
  • You want to make a special charitable gift this year but you don’t want to impact your 50% annual limitation on charitable gifts.

If you would like to make a gift from your IRA, please contact your IRA Plan Administrator. They can tell you the process by which you accomplish this. If you would like to make a gift to a fund at Adams County Community Foundation or to a charity in Adams County, please contact Adams County Community Foundation for details.

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Please visit the new Adams County Dollars for Scholars website! A user-friendly way to help students in the community access more local and nation-wide scholarships.